Waxing Short Hair

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Waxing short hair can be more complicated than what you may initially imagine. So, even though waxing has a wide range of advantages, including the fact that its results last for weeks with no need to repeat the hair removal process, there is one disadvantage you will surely experience: you will have to wait until the hairs grow to the right dimensions for waxing to be efficient.

Waxing short hair can be quite challenging from this point of view. When hair is shorter than 1/4 inches, it may be really hard to remove. You have to be very skilled to make this process efficient, but after all you cannot let visible hairs on your skin either. Here are some great tips you may use to wax short hair efficiently, in the comfort of your home.


1. Applying the wax

Usually specialists recommend to apply the wax in the same direction with hair growth. However, when hair is shorter if the wax is applied in the opposite direction and then removed with the same direction of hair growth, you may get much better results. Then, wax has to be applied for the second time on the same surface of the skin, in the direction of hair growth and removed in the opposite direction. It would be better to practice the technique first on your arm or legs, to check out its efficiency. Remember that after all the success of this hair removal will be dependent on your own skills in waxing your body. If you are just completing this hair removal for the first time, it probably would be a great idea to search for professional help.


2. Which wax to use?

The type of product you will apply on your skin will much determine the efficiency of the whole hair removal process. So, in case you plan on waxing shorter hair, you may use hot or cold wax. Strip wax is the type of wax you can apply on your skin after warming up a little bit the strips. Stripless wax is also known as hard wax and it has to be heated up before use. This type of wax is believed to be great to be used on the underarm and bikini area. Sugaring is another method you can use to get rid of skin hairs. Sugaring is a traditional hair removal method, which uses a paste made from sugar. Hair will be removed in the same direction of growth when using this hair removal method.


Waxing shorter hair may not be as complicated as you may believe at first. You just have to be careful at the type of wax used and the manner in which you apply it on the skin. Then, all left for you to do is to enjoy a beautiful, free of hair skin for a long period of time.

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