Waxing During Pregnancy

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Hair removal can be quite a serious trouble for pregnant women. Hair removal is a serious concern, as women tend to avoid all kind of issues which can represent a potential risk in affecting the baby. Pregnancy may increase hair thickness and the speed in which hair grows, making it darker and thicker. In most cases, these side effects will fade after giving birth. However, hair removal may be required during pregnancy. Waxing is believed to be really safe during this period of time, so future moms have nothing to worry about when considering this hair removal.


Even though there is no potential harm that waxing may cause during pregnancy, it is important to know that pregnant women can have very sensitive skin. Swelling, increased sensitivity, as well as skin irritation can make waxing more harmful than beneficial in some cases. Knowing if your skin is not too sensitive and able to support this process is a must. Otherwise, skin issues may easily be developed.

Fluid retention is a symptom of pregnancy, which can lead to swelling. Swelling favors irritation and can determine the development of a wide range of conditions, including acne and ingrown hairs. Waxing can also cause infection and swelling both when hair is pulled and when hair starts growing back.


When getting waxed during pregnancy, you need to be very careful. Skin reacts differently to different waxing products. Naturally, your skin can be much more sensitive than what you were used to until now. Using a smoothing antiseptic lotion both before and after waxing may decrease burning. It can, at the same time, prevent infection and reduce the risk of skin irritation.

As there is no evidence that waxing may be unsafe during pregnancy, many women continue to use this hair removal.


During pregnancy:

- Hair growth is increased.
- Hair can grow on the face and tummy, too.
- Skin is likely to be more sensitive, due to the hormonal changes that occur in the body.
- As skin is more sensitive, waxing can be more painful.
- After waxing, tiny broken blood vessels can be formed.
- If you plan on getting waxed at a beauty salon, tell your beautician that you are pregnant.
- If you plan on getting waxed at home, test the product before use.

Besides waxing, shaving is also considered to be a viable option to get rid of unwanted hair during pregnancy, without risks. When shaving you can easily eliminate unwanted body hairs, while the results of this decision will produce long term consequences. Either way, you need to know that there are some women who find waxing as the best hair removal option during pregnancy. Waxing can be much more effective and easier than creams or other depilatories.

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